Dazed & Confused

The Collections Spring Summer Twenty Twelve

client: Dazed & Confused
source: dazeddigital.com
published: March 2012

In this picture:

Marte Mei van Haaster

Credits for this picture:

Pierre Debusschere (Photographer)

Katie Shillingford (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Naoki Komiya (Hair Stylist)

Janeen Witherspoon (Makeup Artist)

Other people in this editorial:

Alex Sainsbury - Photographer

Amy Troost - Photographer

Andreas Larsson - Photographer

Ben Toms - Photographer

Can Evgin - Photographer

Colin Dodgson - Photographer

Gareth McConnell - Photographer

Hanna Putz - Photographer

Jason Kibbler - Photographer

Julia Hetta - Photographer

KT Auleta - Photographer

Michael Hemy - Photographer

Richard Burbridge - Photographer

Roe Ethridge - Photographer

Scott Trindle - Photographer

Sean and Seng - Photographer

Terry Tsiolis - Photographer

William Selden - Photographer

Agata Belcen - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Cathy Edwards - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Celestine Cooney - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Joanna Schlenzka - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Karen Langley - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Mattias Karlsson - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Nell Kalonji - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Robbie Spencer - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Stevie Westgarth - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Tracey Nicholson - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Ali Pirzadeh - Hair Stylist

Ashley Javier - Hair Stylist

Christian Wood - Hair Stylist

Cim Mahony - Hair Stylist

James Pecis - Hair Stylist

Kota Suizu - Hair Stylist

Laurent Philippon - Hair Stylist

Raphael Salley - Hair Stylist

Rudi Lewis - Hair Stylist

Rutger - Hair Stylist

Yumi Nakada-Dingle - Hair Stylist

Anita Keeling - Makeup Artist

Benjamin Puckey - Makeup Artist

Emi Kaneko - Makeup Artist

Gemma Smith-Edhouse - Makeup Artist

Hung Vanngo - Makeup Artist

Kirstin Piggott - Makeup Artist

Lauren Parsons - Makeup Artist

Lisa Houghton - Makeup Artist

Lucy Burt - Makeup Artist

Maud Laceppe - Makeup Artist

Michelle Gataric - Makeup Artist

Nobuko Maekawa - Makeup Artist

Petros Petrohilos - Makeup Artist

Yoshie Kubota - Makeup Artist

David White - Set Designer

Lizzie Ward - Set Designer

Matt Jackson - Set Designer

Robert Storey - Set Designer

Anita Bitton - Casting Director

Eddy Martin - Casting Director

Noah Shelley for AM Casting - Casting Director

Alicia Torello - Manicurist

Daphne Allende - Manicurist

Mike Pocock - Manicurist

Myrdith Leon-McCormack - Manicurist

Rica Romain - Manicurist

Akuol De Mabior - Model

Emily Baker - Model

Erjona Ala - Model

Frida Aasen - Model

Harmony Boucher - Model

Josefien Rodermans - Model

Julia Nobis - Model

Karlina Caune - Model

Karolina Waz - Model

Katya Ko - Model

Lara Mullen - Model

Maja Matkovic - Model

Marleen Gaasbeek - Model

Max Rendell - Model

Oliver Greenall - Model

Ophelie Rupp - Model

Rose Smith - Model

Timothy Kelleher - Model

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