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Pringle of Scotland

January 2020 (Advertising)
Photographer: Thanassis Krikis
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Sorrel Kinder
Makeup Artist: Zoe Taylor
Casting Director: Nicholas Forbes Watson
January 2020 (Lookbook/Catalog)
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Danny Reed
Hair Stylist: Kiyoko Odo
Makeup Artist: Nami Yoshida
December 2019 (Lookbook/Catalog)
July 2019 (Lookbook/Catalog)
Photographer: Rachel Lamb
06/20/2019 (Lookbook/Catalog)
February 2019 (Lookbook/Catalog)
Photographer: Josh Hight
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Julian Ganio
Hair Stylist: Matt Mulhall
December 2018 (Lookbook/Catalog)
09/17/2018 (Lookbook/Catalog)