The Prada Persuasion

Miuccia Prada keeps us on our toes; whether that is with idiosyncratic collections, or one of a kind imagery depends on the day, but one could never accuse camp Prada of being boring. This season’s campaign is a testament to the brand’s ability to think outside the box, their F/W image is all about the next generation of modeling stars. As such you will find no familiars amongst the stunning cast (well maybe just one – budding supermodel Frida Gustavsson also stars) Ashley Brokaw went in search of girls with the Prada je ne sais quoi, that certain special something that has defined the brand’s faces from Sasha Pivovarova to Daria Werbowy. Only the newest of the new need apply – some of the campaign’s stars haven’t even walked shows yet.

In the first snaps to hit the internet the gorgeous Kelly Mittendorf (Marilyn) gives a star making turn in a beautiful shot by Steven Meisel. The image is pure Prada and Kelly’s one of a kind look is certain to grab the attention of casting directors and model fans alike. BONUS: Gorgeous newcomers Ondria Hardin (Ford) and Antonia Wesseloh (Ford) make equally alluring debuts in the campaign’s two new images!

Casting by Ashley Brokaw | Styling by Melissa Klitzke-Rubini | Hair by Guido Palau | Makeup by Pat McGrath

  1. the lavender sofa, the pose and the outfit bring back memories of esther de jong’s prada campaign.

  2. was she featured in new faces a few months or so ago? i seem to remember somebody looking like her but im probably wrong as you would have provided the link i assume. its a beautiful shot – i like it a lot.

  3. I Agree 100% with what @xoAsh said. Why still no models of color in Prada’s ads? Especially given the flak that Prada (and many European design houses) have received recently regarding the lack of divere representation on their runways and campaigns. It would be truely fashion forwad for Russell Marsh to ‘discover’ talent of color!

  4. Oh and Chungkit, I think I read a rumour that maybe a black model will be in Prada too but I dunno if thats true.

  5. It reminds me of Sasha’s Prada ads back in the day. Although this is bland, the other shot that surfaced with Ondria Hardin and Frida Gustavsson is stunning. I can’t wait to see the rest. Oh, and Antonia Wesseloh is rumored to be part of the campaign too.

  6. Antonia Wesseloh for Prada too.
    I guess they really went for the right looks for the collection this season.

  7. I just recently googled Kelly, and her face is so stunning! She looks great in this ad, but that fugly bag is ruining the shot. Frida G. and another unknown blonde girl are also in this campaign, and I hope Xiou Wen Ju is a part of this.

  8. Kelly Mittendorf + Ondria Hardin?!!! I’m… so, so glad. I like both a lot – Ondria especially, it’s such a long time I (super-optimistically) wait for news from her, and now that they’re coming… have I said I’m so, so glad? πŸ™‚
    And I’m sure best is yet to come…

  9. this is actually my favorite yet.
    and this is going to bring Frida up in the ranking :)… I like it alot πŸ™‚
    and the new girls make it speical i love it.

  10. i liked it when she used asian models, now THAT would be groundbreaking. there are some amazing amazing asian models she should use them! new faces galore

  11. Regarding my comment above. Russell cast so many Prada campaigns so I though this was him and not Ashley Brokaw. I certainly don’t mean to single any person out but people in certain positions (like but NOT specifically casting directors) have the power to impact change. Ultimately, I understand that it’s the designers that have the final say but with so many black, asian, and latin models to choose from, it saddens me that it’s still an issue… @anlabe, that would be wonderful @janice that would be as well.

  12. I don’t want to be mean, but what so special about this camp?
    Meisel should be already retired.

  13. does miuccia makes clothes only for 15 years old chicks? i dont have a clear memory of a decent casting of the meisel /prada house in a very long time.
    PS I FASHION SPOT kelly mitt. and i was traumatized

  14. I think Frida is a bit of a miss cast.
    Antonia steals the show for me.
    I hope they don’t fade into oblivion like some other Prada models did… (Katlin, Giedre, Katrin, Julia, Rasa, too many actually)

  15. The expression on Kelly Mittendorf’s face in the first pic is terrific. I love how Steven turned her out.

  16. Photos look over photo-shopped. Although this has been said, I adore the colours. Muccia always keeps things refreshing. I really don’t know how she could always pull it off.

  17. Kind of weird casting but nice they picked some mostly new girls. Reminds me a bit of that old campaign with Sierra Huisman.. from 2000 I think.

  18. toooo much retouching! seriously this is getting out of control, between this the versace, we might has well just have velvet paintings

  19. I just don’t understand how little dolls can sell fashion. Are teens buying Prada? As a 35 yr old woman teens in advertising do nothing for me nor make me want to run out and buy. SMH

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