A Doll’s Life

Abbey Lee Kershaw is a living doll in Richard Bush‘s charming story for i-D Magazine. Sporting long bleach blonde locks and oversized accessories, Abbey is somewhere between Barbie and a Blythe doll. The mod styling by Sarah Richardson and whimsical false lashes by give this story a 60s feel that is right in line with Abbey’s vintage chic look and otherworldly appeal. For even more from the Dreams & Aspirations issue check out i-D Online.

HAIR Ashley Javier MAKEUP Francelle Daly SET DESIGN Andy Harman

  1. She’s as beautiful as she is poised, just to have a glimpce of what was truly inside would have been something much more beautiful.

  2. I so love Abbey Lee. Seeing her makes me cry because she’s just oozing talent, passion and raw beauty. It’s very fitting for her to eb called the living Barbie.

  3. I love Abbey she blows me away, she has a interesting beauty not the typical everyday girl..it’s different more interesting to look at type. I love this Editorial.

  4. Looks sooooo cool! Love the London Mod 1960s look, very Twiggy!
    Abbey is so versatile and an incredible model!
    Love it!!!!

  5. correct, the mood is 1960s London mod girl but very modern at the same time. The cover of Abbey is the best
    i-D cover for ages.

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