Remember The Time?

Harper’s Bazaar has a sense of humor, which is why they’re the best purveyor of tongue in cheek editorials around. Their September issue boasts many choice images but the most memorable hands down is their spirited tribute to Michael Jackson. Agyness Deyn and Terry Richardson join forces to celebrate the life of the King of Pop via a story that shows just how iconic his signature style was. Brana Wolf captures the essence of MJ’s look perfectly and Agyness brings her boundless energy to taking on Michael’s onstage persona.

  1. Yep. I was expecting this Jackson inspired styles to come after his death. I actually like these pieces, but not the editorial.

  2. i think it would be cool if they had darker toned girl (black girl) do the thriller one and agyness do the rest, but this is cool!! i luv harpers bazzar they always have some model doing some cool themed editorial of some icaon

  3. She has been off radar for too long! I heard she is “brunching off” from modeling to acting. Stick to modeling Agnes, we WANT you here!

  4. haha, this is a cute and creative shoot. like all the images minus the thriller and the last one. she looks great in the thriller just thought she could of come up with a more creative pose. last one just looks like she’s at the academy awards accepting a trophy (shot by a high school student with a polaroid camera) at a school talent show.

  5. She’s fallen off the face of the planet. It is nice to see her in some editorials of this echelon again…

  6. love this so much
    agness looks great r.i.p mj the king of pop he was a style icon aswell as many other things
    love mj :(:(
    i like this

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