Marta has a pure, delicate beauty that reflects her poetic soul. This Polish princess has only worked locally, but her look guarantees a global demand. This angelic girl has depth and grace – her test shots showcase her chameleon like ability to change and adapt. In Paris briefly this summer, Marta is a girl we’re hoping to see on the catwalks this coming season.


Full Name:
Marta Gawron

177 cm / 5’9.5″
82 cm / 32″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Warsaw, Poland

Date of Birth:
July 6


Mother Agency:
Model Plus


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  • Ali

    Ice queen.

  • haid


    LOVE Your simply jumper stunning

  • Chlo

    This girl is a natural major talent. Her emoting is perfect and I adore her beauty marks. What a stunner. Simply perfect.

  • Aeson Alexandrukas

    she new stunning ^^

  • miguel

    a very soft face, a bit like Rachel Zimmermann, but more commercial. anyway she is beautiful, interesting and nice.

  • elven

    she reminds me of a matured version of johanna stickland

  • John F. Tillman Jr

    Her versatility and natural beauty shine throughout every photo. She has a look that will make her in high demand on the runways and photo shoots of the near future……Raw Beauty waiting to be molded into the exquisite.

  • N

    yes ice queen

  • evr

    solid model

  • Stunning! Hope to see her in London soon!

  • erika

    I don’t know… I feel she’s rather plain… does the modeling world need another bland blonde? With the influx of all these “exotic blondes” like Daphne Groeneveld & Lindsay Wixson, I just don’t think so.

  • Sabrina Bella

    Wow. She looks like a different person in every shot. Amazing. Love this girl, she’ll go far!

  • A. Incredible

    B. Workable

    C. Will Be Successful

  • lots of potential…i can’t put my finger on it but there’s something a little different about her that’s great

  • Very morphable, a blank canvas waiting for interpretation.
    Unique amongst the other Poles, who are all very pretty(Anja, Jac, Kasia, Magdalena, Daga, Zuzanna)

    Off topic but – Anja & Jac are my queens :3 ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Ice queen indeed.

  • megan

    So beautiful and a great body!

  • soo beautiful! like a porcelain doll

  • so much raw beauty.

  • Nadia

    She’s a little bit look a like Colette Pechekhonova, she look like a Snow lady or something like that.