Ford Models



Place of Origin:
Bahia, Brazil

Ethnic Origin:
Afro Descendent


How discovered:
I joined the Supermodel Contest in Brazil

Favorite things:
Sports – especially soccer

Favorite music, band:
Eclectic taste – 50 Cent

Playing soccer

Favorite piece of clothing:

What’s your idea of fun?
Going out to dance

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Shooting Made In Brazil with Cristiano Madureira, and every travel I’ve made so far

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
People there don’t need much to be happy

Favorite artist (any kind):
Michael Jackson

Place you would love to visit:
New York and Paris

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Learning how to speak English fluently

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  • Oh god, those yellow-greyish eyes are to die for! hope to see clearer photo of him:D

  • Lisa Jones

    EYES <3
    ahhhh..!!! Love them. Love him. His bone structure= amazing :)

  • alegra

    he is beautiful! i love black boys

  • alegra

    oh my god he loves 50 cent AND michael jackson.i want to marry him haha

  • Lauryn


  • Baby C


  • Mmmm

    Ridic !!

  • @Alegra…SAME!!! i love them to :)especially this one.

  • Hester

    we need more interesting beauty like him. His eyes are unreal!

  • Monique Belll

    His face structure is amazing! Love the exotic eyes! Definitely a plus!

  • Mimi

    In Love with him already <3

  • Erika

    Not my favorite brazilian, but total hottie! love his eyes!

  • Nayara B.

    Loveee him!! Such a strong face!! Vamo la Rael, representa nossa terrinha!


  • He’s like a 26 year old stuck on an 18 years old’s body

  • I’m surprised Rael is only 18! His look, his sharp angular face and serious expression speaks to a greater maturity! What a uniquely handsome young man! Amazing!!!

  • With growth, I see a bright future.

  • shizu


  • adrian


  • Reynaldo

    Esse é o Modelo!! Brasil como sempre representando!

  • Cece

    his eyes are so beautiful and great bone structure.

  • samantha

    you Sir are one handsome human being! ahh I want to go to Brazil haha

  • shelane

    Wow, his eyes remind me of Michael Jackson in Thriller. (just not scary) Love him.

  • I’d love to shoot with him. Would like to add more men to my book.

  • Sean

    a Rare beauty. amazing. i want to see some more of his work.

  • jconthenet

    I love this EYES

  • His bone structure is amazing. Send him to NYC, he needs to go!

  • KocoaQ.

    Noone has mentioned his beautiful, naturally tanned, exotic Skin tone! Its beautiful!…as well as his eyes and bone structure. I cant believe he’s 18 either!…Haveta visit Brazil. Haha

  • V.V.

    Wow, is he an alien? lol. He is other wordly handsome.

  • He has electricity in his eyes that brings out his skin tone. What an amazing face.

  • jo


  • eddwarm

    I wish this handsome young man the very best in his endeavors. He’s hot as well as deserving. I’ve traveled to Bahia on two occasions, and he is correct: the people in his city DO NOT yearn a lot of material goods in which to be happy and fulfilled. This is a great attribute!

  • amazing.

  • Darwin

    “i love black boys”, implying this guy is black. His grandma must be white with blue eyes, its the racial mixture that gives Brazilians a living as models.

  • Dre

    “His grandma must be white with blue eyes”..LOL….He clearly states in his profile “Afro Descendent”. Additionally, there are many black folks with light eyes, and it doesnt necessary mean a parent or grandparent is white.

  • Darwin

    Its genetically impossible for a pure black person to have light eyes unless he was mixed. and we’re talking about Brazil here, the land of racial mixing…

  • chrisman

    That’s not true. Is it rare, yes, but it is definitely not impossible. Notwithstanding, most blacks- especially those in North and South America- are the product of racial mixing, due to imperialism.

  • greeneyedsoul

    Very few people on this earth are “pure” anything. The average African American, for example, is 20% white. Yet, we don’t refer to them as “mixed”.

  • Miyoshi

    I love his face, and he’s only 18!!! he has a future for sure. Wish him the best.

  • tnetha

    very gorgeous!

  • breath-taking eyes, but his head is too big for his body.

  • kristine

    he’s beautiful.

  • HH

    First time ever I’ve seen this kind of beautiful eyes…

  • panmay

    your eye

  • Christian

    oh..your eyes Amazing really

  • Henrique

    Parabéns, Rael.

  • brow line and mouth line are totally in sync.

    great great look.


  • He’s gorgeous!
    Love the colour of his eyes and his jawbones!
    You can look at him for hous, he’s intersting.

  • John

    @ Darwin, your comment is actually false. Lighter colored eyes are actually rare among most humans, even Europeans < most Europeans have brown eyes. Lighter eyes have nothing to do with race (race dosen't existence), and occurs randomely but can be passed down from generation to generation… like albinoism. And in fact lighter eyes are caused by the same genes that cause albinoism, genes that are not specific to "white" people. If there's pure African albinos, there's going to be pure Africans with lighter eyes, LOL. Your obviously not aware of African genetic and phenotypical diversity, meaning random genetic mutations occur on a much more frequent level among Africans than they do elsewhere… therefore why lighter eyes among Africans dosen't equal European admixture, but genetic diversity. For example this Nilo-Saharan speaking Western Sudanese girl…

    or this Niger-Kordofanian speaking Rwandian girl

    or this Cushitic speaking Kenyan women

    Skin tone, facial features, hair texture, height, genetics, etc, are most diverse among Africans in comparison to anywhere else in the world. Via indigenous development, not through European or Arab admixture.

    @ greeneyedsoul, thats actually the old estimate in regard to non-African admixture among African-Americans. According to Tishkoff 2009, the most accurate and significant study in regard to African and African Disporia populations, African-Americans are only between 8-13% European… 87-92% African. 0% Native American. That figure is the same in regard to many other African Disporia populations in the Caribbean and Latin America… + historically mulatto populations as well. For example the average Afro-Colombian is 90% African, while a segment of the Afro-Brazilian population is on average 94% African, the other 6-10% being a mix of both Native and European. Also, the average White Brazilian is only 58-80% European. 10-25% African, and 8-20% indigenous American. European ancestry among White Brazilians increases as you move south, African ancestry increases as you move north. Therefore any White Brazilians in regard to Rael's ancestry were likely highly mixed… only 58% European, since he is from Northeast Brazil; Bahia to be exact. ~80% of the Northeast Brazil is Afro-Brazilian.

  • John


    It’s albinism not albinoism.

  • MW09

    Rael is so gorgeous…WOW!

    @John…amazing comment! You obviously are a very intelligent man and I thank you for bring such incredible enlightenment to the very ignorant posters. We need more people like YOU in this world.

  • anen

    his big yellow eyes scare me!!!! I’m scared!!
    BUT I think it’s AWESOME great for high fashion he should go far.

  • anen

    @john thanks for those pics African people colored eyes are different from european colored eyes i can see the difference =)

  • Mimi

    Danggggg. Not sure what to think about those eyes.

  • matt

    It is stupid that people are talking about race. Most of it is mixed within the last 10,000 years or so because of trade and war. About a fifth of african americans carry genetic haplogroups that have originated in europe and lot of european americans carry haplogroups that have originated in africa and middle east. It would make more sense to talk about admixture rates.

    He is a very good looking guy indeed.

  • Yasmin

    He definitely has white in him no matter what you say john.

  • What John said, it all derives from Africa.

  • Rafael


  • d.M


  • He’s amazing

  • Ronald

    Black or White who cares ??? he’s HOTTTTTTT

  • beatriz helena

    tinha que ser o brasil né? aiai brasileiros são os melhores, parabéns!!

  • He is 18 years =o The jaw it is amazing

  • tuba

    a bit alike with chris brown

  • This guy is gorgeous no matter what race he is!!! But he obviously is mixed / multi-racial which – happen to be the most beautiful people. In fact, all of mankind is genetically mixed since we are all descendants of Noah, anyway. So, who cares? We are called the HUMAN race. Thank God for variety! To me, this young man happens to be one of the best looking males of the human species.

  • Amanda

    Reading these comments made me love even more my country… i didn’t know that racism was so present in north america. I’m so glad to live in a country that discussing about the etnic origins of someone is pointless and ridiculous, afterall we REALLY dont care about it. We believe that we are people, not dogs to have “races”